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‘Special 25’ will upgrade Best Four System: Delhi University

‘Special 25’ will upgrade Best Four System: Delhi University

Due to Common rules for admission in DU upcoming academic session, the best four subject’s formula has changed. The Delhi University has made a new list of academic and Main subjects, in which DU has listed the 25 subjects. These subjects are those subjects which marks can be added in best four subject’s formula and colleges has not do the negative for this. What used to see earlier that the colleges had does negative marking for various academic subjects will shall not be continue from this year. DU will release the list of only 25 subjects and the list of vocational courses will be not available.


According to the DU admission committee staff members, vocational courses which are studied at CBSE 12th level may be added into best four subject’s formula.

Among of them University will select 25 Main Subjects

  1. Accounts
  2. Anthropology
  3. Biology
  4. Biomedical Science
  5. Chemistry
  6. Physics
  7. Computer Science
  8. Economics
  9. English
  10. Hindi
  11. Geography
  12. History
  13. Political Science
  14. Math
  15. Business Studies
  16. Psychology
  17. Sociology
  18. Urdu
  19. Persian
  20. French
  21. Philosophy
  22. Arabic
  23. German
  24. Italian
  25. Bengali
  26. Sanskrit
  27. Spanish
  28. Home Science

Open days from 21 May

One week before from registration for admissions open days will be conducted open days will be continued up to 21 May  open days will be continued up to 21 May to30th May 2015. This time all the open days will be conducted in the conference center of North Campus and this year no one days will be conducted in the south campus. There will minimum two sessions in a day will be conducted, in which staff members will guide students regarding the admissions and give the answers of student’s questions.

Additional weight age of 5%

Students of science stream will get the 5% weight age for applying to the Computer Science. The students who are studied Physics, chemistry, Math and Computer Science will get 5% weight age at the time of admission.

The students who are from another stream may also apply for it but the students of Science will get preference of weight age.

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2 comments on “‘Special 25’ will upgrade Best Four System: Delhi University

rahul sharma

as I got 93% in my best four subjects… by 5% additional weight age …is my % for bsc(hons)comp sci….is 93+5=98%????????please tell me as soon as possible….. thank u

DU Portal Team Member

please read the article carefully you will get your answer in the article


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