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Minimum Eligibility Condition: DU Applied Common Rules

Minimum Eligibility Condition: DU Applied Common Rules:

The University of Delhi (DU), For 2015-16 admissions the formula of common rules of Delhi University shall remain enforce. The Delhi University has finalized the minimum eligibility Criteria for each course and from this time there will be no rules by colleges for admissions. The additional eligibility Criteria Set by the college shall no longer be valid. In online and offline registration candidates have to fill the OMR form. There will be the options of 61 colleges and 50 courses for which candidates may apply.


Math Formula in (Hons)

The Delhi University (DU), students who will pass the math subject in 12th class may apply for (Hons). What used to happen earlier the college had set marks for math subject for admissions in (Hons) but from this year it shall no longer be valid? In best four subjects there will compulsory to include the math subject. However the colleges had included math subject in best of four but from this year it shall be not continue. The candidates shall take admissions in (Hons) without the Math Subject.

Minimum marks for admissions

The minimum eligibility condition of University shall remain continue. Example- for admission in Computer Science (Hons) 60% will be necessary in math subject and besides of this at least 55% marks in best of four and 55% marks are required for admission in B.Sc (Hons)

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