DU UG Admission Best 4 Choice, 54000 Seats, 65 Colleges

DU UG Admission Best 4 Choice, 54000 Seats, 65 Colleges

The Admission Committee has earlier conducted the meeting of Friday for taking decisions on various. Among of them the main discussion topic is “Best 4 choice” for admission into UG courses.

There are total 54000 seats in 65 colleges of Delhi University. As of the proposal regarding the negative weightage of 2.5% for changing a stream; the negative weightage for adding the best of the four subjects could be might be 5 to 10% in respect of Non-Academic subjects.dup


Vocational Subjects will be not in Best of Four subjects

For admission into Music, Home Sciences and Physical Sciences only elective subject’s marks will be calculated. For example if a candidate who is taking admission into Music Honours so the Music subject marks will be included in the best of four subjects. Same rule will be implemented for the Home Sciences and Physical Sciences.


Formula of Best Four

Base subject is also a proposal of University, on which the University will discuss on next meeting. Conclusion, if any candidate who desires to take admission into B.com (hons) the accounts and Business studies will be assumed as base subjects.

Tension of BA courses

The next problem of university is to make formula of best four for the BA programme.  In Honours courses base subjects will treat as best four subjects but the BA programme has so many options. In his next meeting university will discuss on BA course formula of best four.

Upper Limit will determine whether or not

The common eligibility Criteria will be not set for colleges but the upper limit of negative weightage may be determine or not, it is a big question. The colleges can decide the negative weightage for admission by themselves. But, the University has to right to set the negative weightage for each college.

In his next meeting University will take decision on limit of negative weightage, Additional Eligibility Criteria.

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shivani dogra

with 62.1% in best of four with english ,psy,maths,and chem, from NIOS can i still get amission in any non collegiate college.As i coul not take the adm.earlier because of family problem. Please reply.


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