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DU MA (Russian Studies) Syllabus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th SEM

DU MA (Russian Studies) Syllabus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th SEM:

The University of Delhi (DU) has issued the detailed syllabus for the Post Graduate Course Master of Arts (MA) in Russian Studies for the semester First/Second/Third/Fourth Semester Examination for the Annual Session 2015-16.

Delhi Univ MA (Russian Studies) 1st|2nd|3rd|4th Sem Syllabus 2015

DU MA (Russian Studies) Syllabus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th SEM

The Delhi University (DU) has following syllabus for the Master of Arts (MA) in Russian Studies:

Syllabus of MA (Russian Studies)


  • Vaidika Vanmaya : Rk-samhita & Nirukta
  • Paper 102 Poetics: Sahityadarpana
  • Paper 103 Sahitya: Naisadha & Mrcchakatika
  • Paper 104 Outline of Culture & Civilization in Sanskrit Literature


  • Paper 201: Darsana: Nyaya & Vedanta
  • Paper 202 Vyakarana: LaghusiddhÈntakaumudÏ
  • Paper 203 Sahitya: Meghaduta & UttararÈmacarita
  • Paper 204 Interdisciplinary Course

Any one of the following:

Area 1 Modern Indian Languages(MIL):

(a) Comparative Literature I, or

(b) Society in Indian literature I, or

(c) Tamil I, or

(d) Bengali I

Area 2 Linguistics :

(a) Introduction to Linguistics, or

(b) Phonology

Area 3 Philosophy: a) Logic

Area 4 Buddhist Studies

Area 5 Hindi Language & Literature

Area 6 Persian

Area 7 History

Semester- III:

  • Paper 301: Linguistic Analysis of Sanskrit, Essay & Translation
  • Paper 302 SÈhitya: KadambarÏ & Vasavadatta

Any one group from the following which are mention below:        

Group A : Vaidika Vanmaya

Group B : Dar„ana

Group C : SÈhitya sastra

Group D : Sanskrit Bhasa aur Vyakarana

Group E : Dharmastra

Group F : Epigraphy

Group G : Modern Sanskrit Literature

Group H : Itihasa & Purana (For South Campus only)

Group I : Bharatiya Jyoti– Sastra


  • History of Russian Soviet Literature (from 1945 onwards)
  • Theory of Comparative Study of Literature and Concept of World Literature
  • Modern Russian Lexicology & Phraseology
  • Theory and Practice of Translation
  • Practical Russian
  • Optional Course: Introduction to Bulgarian Literature
  • Optional Course: Introduction to Czech Literature
  • Introduction to Hungarian Literature
  • Optional Course: Introduction to Polish Literature
  • Optional Course: Introduction to Serbian Literature

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