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DU MA in BUDDHIST STUDIES Syllabus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Sem

DU MA in BUDDHIST STUDIES Syllabus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Sem:

The Delhi University (DU) has issued the syllabus for the Master in Arts (MA) in Buddhist Studies for the Ist/IInd/IIIrd/IVth Semester Examination 2015.

Delhi Univ MA in Buddhist Studies 1st|2nd|3rd|4th Sem Syllabus 2015

DU MA in BUDDHIST STUDIES Syllabus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Sem

The University of Delhi (DU) has following syllabus for MA Buddhist Studies:



  • Paper-BS101 PÈli Language and Literature
  • Paper-BS102 Buddhist Sanskrit Language and Literature
  • Paper-BS103 History of Indian Buddhism till the Second Council
  • Paper-BS104 Indian Buddhist Philosophy


  • Paper-BS201(A) Chinese Language and Chinese Buddhism
  • Paper-BS201(B) Tibetan Language and Tibetan Buddhism
  • Paper-BS202 Buddhist Ethics
  • Paper-BS203 Socially Engaged Buddhism

Interdisciplinary Courses

Each student of Semester-II of MA Part I shall have to choose any one of

the following interdisciplinary courses:

  • Paper-BS204 (A): Introduction to PÈli Literature
  • Paper-BS204 (B): Comparative Philology of PrÈkrit Languages
  • Paper-BS204 (C): History of India up to the time of the Buddha
  • Paper-BS204 (D): Origin and Development of Buddhist Sects in
  • India and their Philosophy
  • Paper-BS204 (E): Devotion in Chinese Buddhism
  • Paper-BS204 (F): Introduction on Buddhism and Buddhist Art in Tibet


Each student shall have to opt for any ONE of the following six groups known as A, B, C, D, E, and F; each consisting of Four papers

Group A: PÈli Based Buddhism

  • Paper-BS301(A) PÈli Vinaya Pi—aka
  • Paper-BS302(A) PÈli Sutta Pi—aka
  • Paper-BS303(A) PÈli Abhidhamma Pi—aka
  • Paper-BS304(A) Post-Canonical PÈli Literature

Group B: Sanskrit Based Buddhism

  • Paper-BS301(B) VaibhÈ–ika and SautrÈntika Literature
  • Paper-BS302(B) VajrayÈna and Tantric Buddhist Literature
  • Paper-BS303(B) Vij¤ÈnavÈda (YogÈcÈra) Buddhist Literature
  • Paper-BS304(B) MÈdhyamika Buddhist Litera

Group C: History of Buddhism

  • Paper-BS301(C) History of Indian Buddhism from the Mauryas till Harsa
  • Paper-BS302(C) Early Historic Cities and Settlements: A Literary & Archaeological Study
  • Paper-BS303 (C) Buddhist Art and Architecture
  • Paper-BS304(C) Advent and Spread of Southern Buddhism

Group D: Philosophy of Buddhism

  • Paper-BS301(D) TheravÈda Buddhist Philosophy
  • Paper-BS302(D) Later Mahayana and VajrayÈna Philosophy
  • Paper-BS303(D) Vasubandhu and YogÈcÈra Idealism
  • Paper-BS304(D) NÈgÈrjuna and the MÈdhyamika Philosophy

Group E: Chinese Buddhism

  • Paper-BS301(E) Chinese Buddhist Literature
  • Paper-BS302(E) History of Buddhism in China (220 CE- 907 CE)
  • Paper-BS303(E) History of Buddhism in China (907 CE onwards)
  • Paper-BS304(E) Monastic Order in China

Group F: Tibetan Buddhism

  • Paper-BS301(F) Tibetan Buddhist Literature-I
  • Paper-BS302(F) Tibetan Buddhist Literature-II
  • Paper-BS303(F) Tibetan Buddhist Literature-III
  • Paper-BS304(F) Tibetan Praj¤ÈpÈramitÈ Literature


Each student shall have to opt for a total of four papers in Semester-II of MA Part I. These four papers shall consist of three compulsory courses forming part of either of the six groups (A, B, C, D, E, F) and one interdisciplinary course to be chosen out of a list provided.

Group A: PÈli Based Buddhism

  • Paper-BS401(A) PÈli Poetical Literature
  • Paper-BS402(A) PÈli Va£sa Literature
  • Paper-BS403(A) PÈli-based Buddhist Philosophy

Group B: Sanskrit Based Buddhism

  • Paper-BS401(B) Text Based Study of Buddhist Logic and Epistemology
  • Paper-BS402(B) SarvÈstivÈda and Sanskrit GÈthÈ Literature
  • Paper-BS403(B) MahÈyÈna Buddhist Literature

Group C: History of Buddhism

  • Paper-BS401(C) Ancient Indian Epigraphy
  • Paper-BS402(C) History of the Decline of Indian Buddhism
  • Paper-BS403(C) Advent and Spread of Northern Buddhism

Group D: Philosophy of Buddhism

  • Paper-BS401(D) DignÈga: Buddhist Logic & Epistemology
  • Paper-BS402(D) Buddhist Philosophy of Language & Dialectics
  • Paper-BS403(D) Sanskrit-based Abhidharma Philosophy

Group E: Chinese Buddhism

  • Paper-BS401(E) The Influence of Buddhism on Chinese Culture
  • Paper-BS402(E) Buddhist Sects in China
  • Paper-BS403(E) Buddhist Art & Literature in China

Group F: Tibetan Buddhism

  • Paper-BS401(F) Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy & Logic
  • Paper-BS402(F) Esoteric Buddhism in Tibet
  • Paper-BS403(F) Advent and Spread of Himalayan Buddhism

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