DU MA Arabic Syllabus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Sem

DU MA Arabic Syllabus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Sem:

The University of Delhi (DU) is likely going to conduct the Post Graduate Programme for Master of Arts (MA) in Arabic Subject in the month of May-June for the academic year 2015-16.

Delhi University Master Of Arts (MA) in Arabic Syllabus 2015

DU MA Arabic Syllabus 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Sem

The Delhi University (DU) has released the syllabus for the Master of Arts (MA) in Arabic Programme which are as follows:

Syllabus of MA Arabic

Semester-I :

  • Classical Prose
  • Classical Poetry
  • History of Arabic Literature (up to Omayyad Period including Andalusian Literature) – I
  • Translation & Communicative Skills – I
  • History of Arabic Literature (up to Umayyad Period including Andalusian Literature – Credits – 4

(a) Prose:

(i) Introduction to Pre-Islamic Prose

(b) Poetry:

(i) Introduction to Pre-Islamic Poetry.

(ii) al-Mu‘allaqāt with special reference to Imru-ul-Qays and

Zuhayr b. Abī Sulma.

Early Islamic & Umayyad Period (622 A.D. to 750 A.D.)

(a) Prose:

(i) al-Qur’ān

(ii) al-Ḥadīth

(iii) Oratory

(iv) Letter Writing

(b) Poetry:

(i) al-Mukhaḍram Poets: Ka‘b b. Zuhayr, al-Khansā’ and Ḥassān

(ii) Erotic Poetry: Jamīl b. Ma‘mar and ‘Umar b. Abī Rabi‘ah

(iii) Satirical & Political Poetry: al-Akhal, al-Farazdaq and Jarīr


  • Modern Prose
  • Modern Poetry
  • History of Arabic Literature (Abbasid Period & Modern Period) -II
  • Translation & Communicative Skills – II
  •  Scientific Translation (Arabic-English & vice-versa)
  • Economic & commercial Translation (Arabic-English & Vice-versa)
  • Political Translation (Arabic-English & Vice-versa)
  • Interpretation (Arabic-English & vice-versa)

Semester-III :

  • Paper-301 : Literary Criticism & Rhetorics
  • Paper-302 : Research Methodology, Paper Writing and Presentation
  • Paper-303 : Arabic Literature by Indians
  • Paper-304 : Translation & Communicative Skills – III

Literary Criticism & Rhetorics


(a) Introduction, Definition & Objectives

(b) Elements of Literary Criticism & its Styles

(c) Eminent Classical Critics

(d) Eminent Classical Modern Critics


(a) Introduction

(b) Definition of ‘Ilm al-Bayān, ‘Ilm al-Ma‘ānī and ‘Ilm al Badī‘

(c) The following topics to be studied: –

1- al-Faāḥah wa al-Balāghah

2- al-Tashbīh

3- al-Ḥaqīqah wa al-Majāz

4- al-Isti‘ārah wa al-Kināyah

5- al-I‘jaz wa al-Ināb wa al-Musāwāh

6- al-Jinās wa al-ibāq

Semester-IV :

One of the Elective Courses to be chosen from the following:

(a) Arab Civilization

(b) History of Islam (622 A.D. to 750 A.D.)

(c) Drama

(d) Novel

Research Methodology, Paper Writing and Presentation

(a) Nature, Aims and Objects of Literary Research

(b) Editing of Manuscripts

(c) Renowned Oriental Libraries, Reference Resources, Bibliography and Commonly used Abbreviations

(d) Preparation of Research Papers, Dissertations

 Delhi University Master of Arts (MA) in Arabic Syllabus: http://www.du.ac.in/du/uploads/pg-courses/MA_Arabic.pdf

For further information, the candidates are advised to visit the University of Delhi DU Website http://www.du.ac.in for the new ready reference visitors.

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