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DU B.Sc (Hons/Pass) Syllabus {2nd/4th/6th SEM} Part 1 2 3

DU B.Sc (Hons/Pass) Syllabus {2nd/4th/6th SEM} Part 1 2 3

DU B.Sc Hons 2nd Sem Syllabus 2015,DU B.Sc 4th Sem Syllabus 2015,DU B.Sc 6th SEM Syllabus 2015,DU B.Sc 1st 2nd 3rd Syllabus 2015

The Delhi University has offered various in which one is B.SC (Hons/Pass). B.SC is stand for Bachelor of Science it is a 3 year degree course. B.SC (H) has offered courses in following disciplines which are like as:

  • Anthropology
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Bio-Medical Science
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Home Science
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Zoology

B.SC Pass (Home Science) Syllabus

2nd Semester  

Computational Skills

Introduction to Physical Science

Introduction to Food & Nutrition

Foundations of Human Development

Technical Writing in English

4th Semester

Introduction to Economics

Introduction to Life Sciences

Nutrition: A Life Cycle Approach

Development in Childhood

6th Semester

Family Finance & Consumer Studies

Apparel Design & Construction

Extension Management

Optional Subjects

Public Nutrition and Dietetics-II

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management

Care and well being across the life span

Fashion – Design and Development

Public Relations and Advertising

BSC (Pass) Industrial Science syllabus

2nd Semester


Calculus and Matrices

Industrial Chemistry-II*

Technical writing and Communication in English/ Computational skills

4th Semester


Physics-II: Wave and Optics

Industrial Chemistry-IV

Intellectual Property Rights

6th Semester


Differential Equations 3 100

Industrial Chemistry-VI

Elective-2: Any one out of

(I) Green Chemistry

(ii) Polymer Science

(iii) Biotechnology

(IV) Forensic Science

Click here for syllabus

B.SC (H) Anthropology syllabus

2nd Semester

Technical Writing & Communication in English / Computational Skills

Archaeological Anthropology-II

Anthropology of Kinship

Biostatistics and Data Analysis

4th Semester

Tribes and Peasants in India

Anthropology of religion, politics & economy

Biodiversity & Indigenous Knowledge / Cell Biology II

Anthropology of India / Molecular Biology-II

6th Semester

Field work dissertation

Fundamental of Human Origins and Evolution

Genomic Diversity in Human Populations

Anthropology in Practice / Genetics & Genomics-II

Click here for more whole Syllabus in detail

B.SC (H) Bio-Chemistry

2nd semester

Technical Writing & Communication in English / Computational Skills

Biochemical Techniques


Mathematics & Statistics

4th Semester

Human Physiology

Gene Expression and Regulation

Metabolism of Amino Acids and Nucleotides

6th Semester


Molecular Basis of Infectious Diseases

Advanced Techniques and Technologies

Concepts in genetics

Syllabus of B.Sc Bio-Chemistry

B.Sc (H) Bio-Medical Science

2nd Semester

Technical writing and Communication in English /Computational Skills

Human Physiology II with Practicals

Chemistry II with Practicals

Mathematics and Statistics

4th Semester

Biochemistry with Practicals

Medicinal Chemistry with Practicals

Cell Biology II

Molecular Biology – II

6th Semester

Toxicology with Practicals

Immunology with Practicals

Special Paper with Practicals

Genetics & Genomics – II

B.Sc (H) Biomedical Science Syllabus

B.SC (H) Botany Syllabus

2nd Semester

Biodiversity II: Mycology & Phytopathology

Biodiversity III: Archegoniatae

Chemistry -II

Technical writing and Communication in English / Computational skills

4th Semester

Plant Development and Anatomy

Ecology and Phytogeography

Cell Biology II

Molecular Biology – II

6th Semester

Plant Metabolism & Biochemistry

Reproductive Biology of Angiosperms

Plant Biotechnology

Genetics & Genomics – II

Click here for syllabus of Botany

B.Sc (H) Chemistry Syllabus

2nd Semester

Physical Chemistry – I

Analytical Methods in Chemical Analysis



4th Semester

Inorganic Chemistry – III

Organic Chemistry – III

Physical Chemistry – III


6th Semester

Inorganic Chemistry – V

Organic Chemistry – V

Physical Chemistry – V

Applications of Computers in Chemistry

Click here for entire syllabus of B.Sc (H) Chemistry

B.Sc (H) Geology syllabus

2nd semester



Physical Chemistry

Physics I

 4th Semester

Geology of India
Economic Geology

Engineering Geology

Probability and Statistics

6th Semester

Geology Elective

Geology Elective Paper – II

Geology Elective Paper – III

Technical writing and communication in English

Click here for syllabus

B.Sc (H) Home Science syllabus
2nd semester

Technical writing in English/Computational skills

Foundation of Resource Management

Foundation of Fabric and Apparel Science

Dynamics of Human Communication

4th Semester

  • Fundamentals of Psychology
  • (Major III) HSHT – 413/423/433/443/453
  • (Major IV)HSHT-414/424/434/444/454
  • (Select Different from Major III) HSHT –413/423/433/443/453

6th Semester

  • Physiology and Promotive Health
    (Major VII) HSHT –617/627/637/647/657
  • (Major VIII) HSHT –618/628/638/648/658
    (Major IX) HSHT-619/629/639/649/659

Click here for syllabus

B.Sc (H) Mathematics syllabus

2nd semester

Diff. Eqn.1

Analysis II

Probability and statistics

4th Semester

Diff. Eqn. II

Analysis III

Algebra III

6th Semester

Analysis V

Algebra V


Click here for syllabus of Mathematics

B.Sc (H) Microbiology syllabus

2nd semester

Technical Writing and Communication in English/

Computational Skills

Phycology and Mycology

Chemistry II

Mathematics and Statistics

4th Semester

Microbial Genetics and Genomics
Cell Biology

Molecular Biology

6th Semester

Medical Microbiology

Microbial Biotechnology


Advanced Microbiology

Click here for syllabus of Microbiology

B.Sc (H) Physics syllabus

2nd semester

Mathematical Physics-II

Oscillations and Waves

Electricity and Magnetism

Digital Electronics

4th Semester

Mathematical Physics-IV


Mathematics-II (Analysis and Statistics)

Numerical Analysis

6th Semester

Electromagnetic Theory

Statistical Physics

Solid State Physics

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Click here for B.Sc (H) Physics syllabus

B.Sc (H) Statistics Syllabus

2nd semester



Probability and Statistical Methods

Applied Statistics-I

4th Semester

Numerical Analysis

Probability and Statistical Methods-IV

Operational Research

Computer Programming

6th Semester

Statistical Inference-II

Design of Experiments

Econometrics 3 75 25


Click here for syllabus of Statistics

B.Sc (H) Zoology Syllabus

2nd semester

Biodiversity II: Chordata-I

Biodiversity III: Chordata-II

Chemistry -II

Technical writing and Communication in English / Computational skills

4th Semester

Animal Physiology and Functional Histology-II


Cell Biology II

Molecular Biology – II

6th Semester

Evolutionary Biology


Applied Zoology/Bioinformatics/ Environmental Management

Genetics & Genomics – II

Click here for syllabus of Zoology

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